Home Brewing Essentials for Beginners

Home Brewing
Beer is one of the most popular and common types of beverage that anyone would love drinking after work or during celebrations. It comes in different types and is known to be among the most affordable beverages that anyone can have. Due to its popularity, there are many people who are enticed to try home brewing and give their beers its own touches. For some the act of brewing beer at home is a traditional act that has been passed onto several generations.

But nowadays, there are more people who are new with the process and are unfamiliar with how the process is done. Some may even be surprised that it is possible for them to create their own beer at home. But for those who have already seen their friends brew at home, then they would also be interested with trying to make their own large batches of beer.

For many experts, they feel excited of creating their own beer. They get to add whatever flavors that they want and at the same time make endless supply for whatever celebrations that they may have in their homes.

Why Many People Are Interested With Brewing at Home
The fact that people can have the complete control over the amount of beer that they want to create is a clear indication why many people want to brew their beers at home. They can create their own versions of their home brew recipes and be able to make this their specialty. Knowing that you can make your own beer is an exciting thought. Just think about the large piles of pots or containers where your freshly brewed beer is waiting to be consumed and letting your friends and family members taste your very own creation. Wouldn’t it be nice that you can create delicious beer in your home and be able to some with your friends whenever they would visit?

Another reason why there are people who are interested with trying brewing at home is the fact that they can make use of this knowledge and skill in making extra income. They can start making money by selling their own creation to their friends or even with acquaintances. This is a good start for those who are trying to find ways on earning extra income on the side while enjoying this hobby.

What Essential Home Brewing Supplies Are Needed?
If you are one of those people who are interested with making money out of your favorite drink or just interested with creating your own beer, you must first learn what supplies are needed for the entire process. This is the first step needed to make sure that you can do the entire process easily and just get the ease of dealing with your needs with ease.

It is necessary that you can complete the entire equipment needed to have an easy time doing the entire process. The equipment that you need are the following:

4 Or More Gallon Pot. Getting an aluminum lobster pot would work great in the process of brewing.
Plastic bucket with a capacity of 6 gallons. Find the one with a spigot that will be used for bottling and sanitizing.
Fermentation bucket having a 6 gallon capacity. This kind of bucket comes with a lid and a hole that is drilled for the purpose of locking air out.

Stopper And Airlock.
3 to 4 pieces of nylon bags. These will be used to make the step on adding hops on the boil easier. You can also use a pair of pantyhose, but make sure you get a new pair. 🙂

A Racking Cane. This will be used to siphon the beer out of your kettle or fermenter. If you want to maintain good level of sanitation and you have the budget to do so, you can purchase the auto-siphon versions that will not only keep the process sanitized but also save you from headaches.

Sanitizer That Is Food Grade. You can choose from the ones that are acid base or iodine based.
A hydrometer and a hydrometer jar. A waterproof thermometer that has a range of 130°F to around 190°F.

Home Brew Bottles. Make sure that you buy enough supply of bottles that would be enough for around 5 gallons of the beer that you are going to make. For this much, you can get around thirty of those 22 oz bottles or you can choose to get about 55 of those 12 oz bottles. You can make use of the leftover bottles from parties you thrown at home or just those that you have saved. Make sure that the bottles are not those that could be twisted to open. Clean the bottles thoroughly or you can just place them on the dishwasher without using any detergent.
Bottling wand, bottle capper and bottle caps. Since you have all the bottles, make sure that you will not forget the bottle caps and capper and a bottling wand.

5 feet of a 3/8 inches beverage line. You will be using this for transferring the beer when filling the bottles.
These are all the equipment that you need for getting started with your very own brewing process at home. It may be a lot of stuff when you look at, but experts are saying that the items are smaller than what you think it is. You just have to set up your very own space for brewing to give you enough space. You can easily find these things from a home brew shops or just find a starter kit having all of these items.